1. Drink plenty of water – At least half a gallon a day. Hate drinking water? Add lemon to your water, apple cider vinegar or salt to add some flavour, just drink lots to stay hydrated and energised.
  1. Get some exercise – Exercise has too many benefits to even list! If you want to lose weight, have high energy and feel great this is a must.
  1. Don’t eat too much protein – This is not a high protein diet, the primary aim is to eat fats to give you energy and get your body to produce and use ketones as your source of energy.
  1. Incorporate more sodium into your diet – Sodium becomes very important for replenishment on this diet so make sure you are consuming enough each day.
  1. Use supplements to help you stick with the diet – You can stick with this diet and completely change your life without supplements, but when I started taking some supplements I definitely felt my energy levels improve and lots of other benefits alongside my new diet.
  1. Track your calories (all of them) – Nowadays there are free great apps you can use to track what you are putting into your body. I recommend myfitnesspal as it is what I use every day – In settings put your info and your total calorie goal and macro percentage goal then start scanning every food into the app to make sure you almost eliminate carbs from your diet. This will also help motivate you to not eat that unhealthy snack!
  1. Always be prepared! – Life happens and will always get in the way. Maybe you got invited out to a restaurant or have to put in long hours at the office, either way if you prepare meals or know what you can buy from food places you will never have to cheat.
  1. Measure your ketones consistently – Develop the habit, keep tracking and stay motivated.
  1. Get rid of your carbs temptation! – Go through your kitchen and bin or donate all carb rich foods and drinks.
  1. Make nice low carb foods and meals! – Follow this diet with foods you actually like to eat, otherwise you will not stick with this diet. At the start of my journey I was the healthiest person alive, for 9 days then I slipped back to old habits. Follow cool recipes, make your own, keep it interesting but stay consistent.

Bonus tips and tricks:

Anything that’s “light” or “sugar free” is usually still full of carbs, sometimes more than the original one.

Use https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/ and other forums and communities for constant advice, motivation and info.

There are naturally low-carb dark chocolate available that will solve any sweet cravings.

Consume mineral rich foods to avoid the keto flu and other potential side effects.