Keeping your pool or spa balanced, clean and healthy is extremely important for you and your family’s health. It is important to maintain your water regularly and below we give you a rough guide of the steps you should take to achieve this.

Make sure your water is at the correct levels. Use our test strip kit {LINK} to determine this and take the necessary action (steps listed above) to balance your water chemistry and disinfectants.

Once your water is correct you then need to maintain it. When your pool is in use it is vital to do a test 2-3 times per week making sure that the pH and free chlorine especially are correct. When not in use test once a week.

You have to test your water more often when your pool has more people than usual, heavy rain or extreme temperatures, algae growth and if there is an odour coming from the pool.

Daily, whether in use or not you need to remove any leaves or other debris out of the pool. In swimming season, you need to clean all of the skimmer baskets.

Weekly you should clean the walls and floor using cleaners, brushes and vacuums. Make sure you cover all areas fully. Hose down the pool area after cleaning to make sure no dirt or slime gets into your newly cleaned pool.