Keeping your fish tank / aquarium clean and free of harmful chemicals is very important for the health of your aquatic life. It is important to test and maintain the water regularly and below we give you a rough guide of the steps you should take to achieve this.

Make sure your water is at the correct chemical levels. Use our test strip kit [LINK] to determine this and take the necessary action (steps listed in our free ebook w/ purchase) to balance the water chemistry.

When your tank is completely clean, no fish are distressed and the tests are all showing in the correct ranges (These are marked on our bottle and in our bonus ebook) then you should maintain the tank. You should also test straight away and continue to monitor daily when:

  • Setting up a new tank,
  • Adding new fish to an established tank,
  • The filter fails,
  • A fish dies or gets ill,
  • You suspect a problem,
  • Or when medicating sick fish.

It is advised to perform a partial water change at least once a fortnight and to test your water twice a week (luckily for you our strips make this easy to do!). You need to pay special attention to the ph, free chlorine, nitrites and nitrates as these are the biggest danger to fish. Try to test at the same time on a schedule as the ph level varies based on time of day.

Clean the tank weekly taking care to remove all debris and decayed plants. Always feed your fish sparingly & remove uneaten food, remove dead plants and waste and always keep an eye on the distress symptoms of the fish.

Be careful when treating the tank as any big changes have the chance of killing your fish and seek expert advice when you can.

Finally, enjoy your beautiful aquarium!